See the World, BE the Future Campaign


Our See the World, BE the Future campaign is a unique scholarship opportunity created on behalf of our best and brightest students (future entrepreneurs). As a non-traditional scholarship campaign, rather than direct monetary support to our participants, we provide indirect support consisting of travel fare to any destination in the world for a study abroad experience. The longevity of this study aboad trip can range from a semester all the way to a full year (summers are also available for student-athletes or others with special circumstances).

Why Study Abroad?

Studying abroad can be a life changing experience.  Those that choose to embark on such a journey are exposed to different cultures, religions, languages, people, and world views.  During a study abroad, students are challenged to explore outside of their comfort zone while learning about different ways of life around the world.  They see and do things that they’ve previously only read about in books or seen on TV or in movies.  They obtain exclusive inside views of other cultures as well as an outside view of their own.  With an increasingly globalized society, employers are looking to expand across the globe.  This global expansion calls for the need of worldly-minded individuals who will help these employers achieve their international goals.  With 9% of U.S. undergraduate students studying abroad before graduating, a student that has taken advantage of our See the World, BE the Future scholarship will be given a considerable edge in the competitive  global job market as a future entrepreneur.

The Need For See The World, BE The Future Scholarships

Black U. S. students make up nearly 15% of the students enrolled in Postsecondary education each year. However, Blacks only make up around 5% of students enrolled in Postsecondary education that study abroad. Taken into consideration with the statistics of other racial groups in America, Blacks have the largest disproportionate percentage that study abroad to the percentage of those enrolled in Postsecondary education. Through research, we find that airfare costs are a major deterrent for Blacks in regards to studying abroad. For the majority of families in the Black community, simply being able to afford the cost of a college education is a major accomplishment. Thus, the hefty cost of travel fare to undertake an education abroad is considered a luxury. Our organization, Black Entrepreneurs, Inc., created this campaign to cover this cost for our very own outstanding students, accepted into the program by merit, as an incentive to study abroad. Other costs, such as tuition and room and board, are comparable, as we have found that most students have to pay these typical expenses regardless of where they enroll. In fact, if students are accepted into an exchange program, tuition could be significantly less expensive.

Be Apart Of See The World, BE The Future

In order to make our See the World, BE the Future initiative a successful reality, we are looking for Sponsors to donate funding for our students.  We are allocating $2,000 per student for travel fare arrangements.  In the event that travel expenses are less than the typical student allocation, remaining funds can be utilized to support additional deserving students.  To become a Sponsor today, go to our Donate Now page and donate now.  To learn more about what it means to be a Sponsor, you can also go to our Sponsors page.

Student applications for this program are reserved for members.  To learn more about becoming a member of Black Entrepreneurs, Inc. and applying for this program, go to our Students page.

“The world is a book, and those who don’t travel only read one page.” – St. Augustine


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