This past week, I celebrated the founding of ISH, my dorm, which is better known as the International Students Hostel.

Ebony greets the crowd of students before diving into her hit single “Sponsor”

The series of programs we had throughout the week were vast in number and diverse in content. Last Sunday they began with a Gospel Rock Show; Monday was an open forum discussion with the Dean of Students and Jubilee and ISH Dorm Management; Tuesday was health day where students could donate blood and go through breast cancer screenings; Wednesday was an informational talk about careers post-graduation as well as charity donations to Accra’s Autism Center; Thursday was a well planned Women Empowerment Workshop in which included an afternoon sessions on soap and bead making and an evening program with special guests from Nigeria and surrounding countries; the pen-ultimate night, Friday, was a drama exhibition and Fashion show; Saturday knocked the entire week out of the park as myself and students enjoyed games, catered food from unique eateries around Ghana, and a concert with upcoming Ghanaian artists such as Kidi and mainstreams acts such as Ebony.

Kidi gets the crowd going mid-way through the concert

The University of Ghana has fourteen different hostels as residences for its students. Once every academic year each hostel hosts a week of events. There are seven hall week celebrations in the fall and spring semester.

Each hall chooses unique ways to celebrate their week and creates days of special programming for the students.

Upcoming artists debut their talent