This past weekend I went to the Volta Region with my roommate and a few other friends. There are 10 official regions in Ghana, and this is the third I’ve been privileged to visit.

Lake Volta Suspension Bridge 1

Lake Volta Suspension Bridge Which Connects the Volta to Accra

The Volta Region which is in eastern part Ghana is full of mountains and fresh vegetation, offering a peaceful break from the buzz of Accra, Ghana’s capital city.  Sharing a border with Togo in the east, and touching the Atlantic Ocean at the South, the region thrives from agricultural activities such as farming, fishing, cattle rearing, as well as tourism. With Ho as the region’s capital, Volta is also known as Eweland, since Ewe is the predominant language.

Volta Lake is at Atimpoku, and is the largest man-made lake in the world. This explains why the people have festival celebrations that thank God for the gift of water. The area is a beautiful tourist location because of the natural gardens, mountains, lagoons, waterfalls, rivers, and coastal areas that attract foreigners and locals alike.

Yemi and Her Roommate After Enjoying A Swim 1

Yemi and Her Roommate After Enjoying A Swim

At the central strip of the region is Mount Afadjatom which stands at 885m and is the tallest peak in Ghana. During this trip, I did not have the opportunity to hike the mountains, but I hope to return. The most exciting aspect of the trip for me was crossing the Lake Volta bridge via canoe. Lake Volta is a tremendous source of power for Ghanaians, it is a water highway that flows to the north, contains mass amounts of fish, and supplies most the water for the region.

Yemi Voyaging Lake Volta via River Canoe with a Friend

Yemi Voyaging Lake Volta via River Canoe with a Friend